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What are the compulsory courses for brides to choose from?

In thousands of pairs of shoes choose to suits own wedding shoes, can make the most perfect fulfillment of "fairy colors", but if not careful the wrong choice consequences even serious enough to destroy your elaborate wedding! Here's how to choose the bride's wedding heels.

What are the compulsory courses for brides to choose from?

Make sure you wear the right size of the bride's shoes.

One of the most common mistakes women make is not wearing the right number of shoes. Before buying shoes, measure the length and width of your feet to avoid buying a pair of shoes that don't fit.

Know your feet.

Only when you know your feet well enough to know your arches, you can see at the first glance that this pair of beautiful heels will make you "miserable" at the foot of your shoes.

The thicker the heel, the better.

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No one wants to have the nightmare of a high heel! So try to avoid the choice of stilettos, stiletto heels that wiggle your feet, and chunky heels will keep you from getting tired during the day.

4. Avoid thin soles and choose shoes with waterproof platform.

Thin soles to the soles of your feet on the pain, then you need is a thick soles or waterproof units with a little wedding shoe, they will offset the foot part under pressure, so as to relieve your pain.

The fabric of wedding shoes.

Choose bridal shoes, first have to determine exactly what kind of fabric to buy! Satin, silk, embroidery, velvet and lace are the most common wedding shoes because these are often the most common wedding fabrics. To be consistent with the overall shape, it is suggested that your wedding dress is the same fabric as the wedding shoes.

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