Grindr? Doodles?

   What do you do during boring meetings?

  By padraig Belton

  Technology of Business reporter

  29 June 2018

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  Dreaming about that Oscar acceptance speech?

  For many of us, meetings are a boring waste of time but technology could soon help make them more interesting and productive.

  What do you do during a boring meeting? I canvassed some opinions on Twitter and the results were enlightening.

  Some people compose haikus, others play meeting bingo, seeing how many pre-agreed words they can chuck in to the conversation.

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  Some secretly check out Grindr on their phones or watch catch-up TV, while others fiddle with their jewellery, doodle, or simply nod off.

  What's frankly worrying - if you're the meeting holder, that is - surveys show that the vast majority of us confess to doing other things during meetings.

  And there's always one person - often a man who loves the sound of his own voice - who drones on and on so no-one else can get a word in edgeways.

  Wouldn't it be fantastic if an artificially intelligent (AI) meeting bot could tell him to shut up?

  Well, that day may not be too far away.

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  Many women feel they don't have a voice in meetings

  It is "very feasible" for an AI to recognise when one person is dominating a meeting, or when a circular discussion keeps coming back to the same point, says James Campanini from videoconferencing company, BlueJeans.

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  "If no new points are made after a while, the AI could suggest to wrap up," says Cynthia Rudin, a computer science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  "While it's a lovely idea to think everybody will be fabulous at running meetings, everybody is not," observes Elise Keith from Lucid Meetings, a US-based meeting management platform.

  An AI agent "might be able to determine whether a meeting leader is ensuring that each participant is being heard equally and fairly," she says.

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