thousands of thousands of people

  Functionally, it can realize "thousands of thousands of people"

  Nowadays, mobile banking services have been fully upgraded. Inquiries about account details, free interbank transfers, credit card offers are only basic functions, large transfers, “AI investment”, customized services... Mobile banking services have shifted from unified standards to “Thousands of thousands of people” "The service that everyone can enjoy using mobile banking may be different. The bank began to customize the exclusive mobile banking service for customers -

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  China's mobile banking is experiencing explosive growth.


  In order to ensure the security of large-scale transfer of mobile banking, the bank has also developed a series of "black technology" to escort security. In addition to launching biometrics verification payment services such as fingerprints, irises and faces, Minsheng Bank Mobile Bank also explores the application scenarios of speech recognition and semantic understanding technology combined with mobile banking, and adopts the latest technology white box encryption algorithm to improve the security performance of mobile banking Blood in the urine.

  The mobile phone SIM shield jointly launched by Bank of China and China Mobile will embed the traditional U shield into the mobile phone SIM card, and the U shield password verification is completed in the SIM card, which can effectively avoid the Trojan interception and improve the mobile banking security authentication service capability. According to reports, the Bank of China also applies big data and artificial intelligence technology to its business, and establishes a model to determine whether the transaction object is an "intentional" operation. The network risk control project put into operation in December 2017 has accumulated hundreds of millions of transactions, and has successfully intercepted thousands of fraudulent transactions to avoid tens of millions of losses.

  AI investment one button to get


  Undoubtedly, regardless of the current scale and growth rate, or the level of revenue and customer service satisfaction, we have reason to believe that mobile banking will become the mainstay of banking in the future. It is also foreseeable that with the development of technology and services, mobile banking will continue to upgrade, and the direction of mobile financial portals and integrated service platforms will change, and users will experience better financial services.

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