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Attractive replica u boat watches not be too low-key

Not be too low-key, also not too make public design, coupled with the unique complex process with proud movement, is a fashion design taste, is also the top technology to collect watches.

Before U Boat this year will be acclaimed Open design extends into the replica u boat watches series, launched a U Boat watch new style. The shapes of the two watch persistence, direct smooth lines, and full of athletic and masculine and modern breath. Through the face plate with rectangular BiaoShen small square Open Windows, without having to reveal the two watch famous El Primero timing clock movement strong heart. Both high-tech tabulation process, smooth and fluent watchcase and modern architecture in general sense, to pay attention to personal characteristics of modern men attractive.

When new begin thinking U Boat watch, in New york. Communication urban context of railway bridge, the jungle general skyscrapers give me a lot of inspiration, I draw the outline of straight lines and arcs watches blend, and draw on the face plate of building glass curtain of checkerboard pattern. Finally, I opened the little square Windows, let U Boat dynamic movement presents the metropolitan rhythm. And the nature of and handsome appearance match is U Boat proud, the world's highest speed El Primero, 36000 revolutions per hour the efficient basic vibration frequency provides precise timing. U Boat watches increase and the size of two kinds, have deep black and white two kinds of color, metal strap is optional organic rubber strap or black alligator strap. U Boat also elaborate collocation pays attention to ergonomics design of square timing clock button, on the face replica Audemars Piguet plate and chain plate geometry twisted rope grain (Geometric Guilloche), sculpture, three-dimensional Arabic numerals and pyramid metal, according to the time scale and the fan power energy storage in order to perfect the work and the overall design aesthetic to create sophisticated Geometric process, and can not help but reveal elegant luxurious comfortable feeling.

U Boat engineers not to meet, and bring more surprises. Their imagination and tabulation of enthusiasm, show U Boat material familiar and creativity for the material, to launch another titanium watchcase of U Boat Concept. Titanium alloy has the quality of a material tenacity and light, not easy allergy, warm close skin characteristics, unique grey black metal color more low-key but men do not personality. In order to correspond and titanium watchcase, reveals modern texture of the space age, the face of the U Boat made from plate with epoch-making TR90 material. This is a kind of transparent material of aerospace science and technology, the unique refraction characteristics make face plate moment presents deep and highlight the stereo effect. Due to the gear and cobalt blue screw dialysis, U Boat watch can directly by outside school. And in order to perfect collocation U Boat watch the overall feeling of science and technology, the U Boat special choose the same novel Carbon and Kevlar weave mixed material of the strap, with up to 250 kg tensile ability.

Attractive replica u boat watches not be too low-k
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